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operations Policies

We may be all about fun, but there are municipal and general business rules we must follow. Not following rules is poor sportsmanship! Please take the time to read through all of them when you book an event so you know what you can expect from your experience.

For our full online Legal Policies, click here.

Social Media Use of Photography

We take pictures and video records of the good times strictly for social media purposes and inevitably the kids may make it into the images and video. These pictures are shared on our accounts only, but we cannot control who sees or shares this content. We can restrict the content in which we upload, but we reserve the right to use these images and video for social media purposes. 

Text and Email Contact

We use email and text as the primary means of communication for confirmation of service and reminders of your reservations. By giving this information at the time of booking your event, you give us the right to contact you via email and text for these purposes. We may also send you promotional content via email and text, and will respect your decision should you decline further contact via the in-text or website opt-out method.

We will never give or sell your information to any affiliates, or send unrelated promotional content.



Rule #1: There are winners, and there definitely are losers. We believe in teamwork and competitive behavior, but we do not tolerate behavior that leads to a negative atmosphere that affects other players. We reserve the right to temporarily remove a player to diffuse a situation involving poor sportsmanship. Online servers do it, we do it.

Rule #2: No crying. Sadness is avoidable, and shouldn't be an option in a room surrounded by friends and video games. If there are unhappy players, we reserve the right to arrange players to please the majority. 

Electronics Disclaimer

Almost all of our electronics are brand new. Some game discs and consoles are pre-owned and may experience failure. We promise to give you the best experience possible, but some things are just out of our control. There are plenty of games and consoles to enjoy, so we encourage adaptation to overcome unplanned issues.

Internet Connection Disclaimer
Our internet connectivity is dependent on cell tower service. We cannot guarantee internet connectivity everywhere, including a location that otherwise has generally acceptable phone coverage. Internet connectivity is strictly a courtesy offer, and while we do promise a pleasing experience, we cannot promise reimbursement or rescheduling your event based on internet connectivity alone. All our devices are wireless and may not be sufficiently supported on your connection. 

Reservation cancellation

Events can be cancelled at any time up to 7 days before your reservation for a full refund. There is no refund for a cancellation within 7 days of your reservation. If you cancel within 7 days of the reservation, we require that you reschedule to retain the full payment to be used for your future reservation, maximum one reschedule, and will be subject to availability. A cancellation without rescheduling will require full payment for any future reservation.

Travel Time Considerations

There are time limitations in our service area between North and South County. For the courtesy of all our clients, the areas with extended distance from the population centers, such as Shandon, Santa Margarita and Nacimiento Lake may require extra time when booking a reservation, as well as travel across the county. Please consider there is no extra fee when booking anywhere within SLO County.

WE DO NOT REGULARLY SERVICE AREAS OFF HIGHWAY 1 OR SANTA MARIA. Very special considerations for these and other areas not listed may be arranged on a case-by-case basis, but we reserve the right to refuse service based on geographical location. Appropriate fuel and/or time surcharges may apply.

We allow an interval of time between appointments, but traffic is unpredictable. Our drivers are safe and will obey all traffic laws. In the event of an unreasonable delay as a result of unpredictable traffic patterns, the Game Instructor will inform the client as soon as it is safe to do so. In the event of an unplanned delay, the Game Instructor will extend the duration of the paid reservation as available.

Parking, setup and takedown

Our drivers are skilled, but the trailer and tow vehicle requires at least 50' of cleared, relatively flat parking space to safely park for the duration of the reservation. The vehicle will stay hitched for stability in most situations. It is our driver's discretion when parking to avoid damage to the tow vehicle or trailer, or if it would be unsafe for players to come inside. Please be advised unusual parking situations might delay the start of the party. Due to the tight timeline of travel between parties we cannot promise every unusual situation could be handled in the 15 minutes of allocated setup time.


Once parked safely, our Game Instructor requires a small amount of setup time to secure the trailer and power up the equipment, but the entire console video game arcade will be usable at the beginning of the reserved time period. It is advised before the doors are open for operation that the client has observed the rules and policies.


Everybody will be expected to exit at the end of the reserved time period, and the Game Instructor will power off all equipment and prepare for departure. It is advised to keep a safe distance from the tow vehicle and trailer at this time. Our driver may wave goodbye to everybody who had fun, if only to provide closure to such an amazing experience.

Weather disclaimer

Our drivers are skilled, but weather is unpredictable and it may not be safe to operate in some conditions or locations based on weather. In the event we cancel an event due to weather conditions, we will do our best to reschedule events, and there will be no rescheduling fee, but a new reservation is still subject to availability. 

Age limitations

All our games have a suggested age as recommended by the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB). We do not restrict gameplay unless otherwise requested by the client, but typically kids under age 3 cannot sufficiently operate the controls. Please be advised there is a chance younger players will be exposed to games outside their suggested age group if older players are allowed to play. It is not our responsibility to identify a player's age

The game truck is designed with function in mind to play video games. There is tiered seating, with which we allow standing on the platforms. There is a small walkway between these platforms and the base cabinets and countertops, so it is unsafe to use the game truck as a playground. The Game Instructor is sufficiently trained and equipped to handle light-duty first aid, but we are not responsible should anybody become hurt from misusing the space. 

Account security

Security is important to us, so restricting access to paid material and removing downloaded accounts on our consoles is of utmost importance. We allow players to sign into their own online accounts. There are actions we take to restrict access to those accounts by other players.  Our Game Instructor will assist with sign-in to limit access and double-check the account has been removed after gameplay. Any purchases made by the actual player authorized on the account cannot be controlled however, and we do not take responsibility if the player knowingly purchases content (but don't worry, it will remain with the online account, not our consoles).


Unfortunately at this time, we do not have a license to sell or host consumption of alcoholic beverages inside the trailer. Additionally we do not encourage consumption of alcoholic beverages if the event is hosted in a public location. Feel free to party in your yard, but keep in mind most municipalities do prohibit consumption of alcoholic beverages outside of your property. We accept no responsibility for any damages or  issues that should occur related to alcoholic beverages. 

Card on File

A card is required to be held on file for the purpose of a damage fee with any Gamebox Party. A Card on File will be held securely through Square Payments, following PCI compliance. In the event of damage, the Card on File will be used to replace any damaged products, not to exceed the cost to replace the damaged product, per the Damage Policy and Limit of Liability in the Service Waiver. 

By submitting payment, you are agreeing to these terms.

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